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What are the assets of a company glossary ?

The same component will be referred to using the same standard word on the shop floor, during shipment, by your outcontractors, your affiliates, your own staff and the customer.

This rules out any mistake or faulty translation (seeWhy a Word is Not Just a Word).

It gives you a marketing edge, because everybody will have to use and accept YOUR terminology (just like with a new product, if you name it GLOP, everybody will call it GLOP).
Everybody will speak your language.

With a company glossary you will be able to control your literature at every production level and select your translator at will, making sure the same product is called by the same word throughout your documents, which is a major quality control asset.

Once your terminology has been validated by your engineers and foreign agents, your documents will be translated in less time and for less money.

For exports you require documents in your customers' language.
For frequent export business you require standardized documents which can be adapted quickly to your current needs at less cost.

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More information about terminology :

The technical language you will have in common with your customers, your suppliers and your staff : yours