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Certified Translations

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Some translations need to be certified by an authorized sworn translator, notably for passports, identity cards, driving licences, wills and other official documents, as well as international agreements and the like. The translator's stamp and signature vouch that the translation is true to the original as produced in its minutest details. In the eyes of the law the translator is responsible and liable for what he/she does but by no means for the validity of the original document – which may sometimes be incorrect or false.

In certified translations everything must be translated, from the letterhead to the signature, the rubber stamp and the midwife's name, in addition to the actual relevant data of course. A simple 3-line certificate may take over an hour of intense word processing to reproduce everything as stated in the original document.

Any mistake may have serious consequences. Just imagine your name has been misspelled, your birthdate has suddenly changed from April 1 to January 4 and you have to start a tedious legal procedure to correct matters – or a misplaced comma in a contract makes you liable for damages! Unfortunately these things are sometimes to be found in the original itself and all the same these mistakes have to be reproduced in the translation – mistakes are never lost in translations.

To avoid any such mishap, translations are revised three times by two different persons.
We are meticulous and exacting taskmasters
and deliver faultless quality to the last detail

More information about international law and certified translations: