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  • multiple languages are easier to handle by a large translation company with multiple translators;
  • short deadlines will be met by a large business by splitting up your document into multiple sub-sections each translated by a different contractor, paving the way for inconsistency, discrepancy and loss of quality;
  • buying the cheapest quotation means not choosing the best translator – working more to earn less is not an incentive to maintain quality and zero error standards.

A large translation business can handle large translation volumes more quickly;
but offering 350 foreign languages in any subject just means that their address book is well filled,
but not that they master the appropriate quality control to go with it.
The smaller company will match up with your requirements provided they are realistic;
but if you insist on receiving your translation the day before, you should not be particular about quality.
The freelance translator is able to customize his/her production in some fields,
but has limited ability to meet your most urgent requests or a more complex demand.


  • Define your actual needs as early as product design
  • Use a company glossary standardizing your terminology
  • Embed translation in your export policy and standardize your documentation
  • Use your foreign agents; they know the foreign market and culture
  • Use quick internet translation only for a rough idea of a subject
  • Always check trainees' work – they are just inexperienced learners
  • Use specialized professionals for specialized professional work, your image is worth it.

1. How do you choose a lawyer?
Depending on your cause and the lawyer's good name –
would you call upon the same counsel for a crime and a work contract dispute?

2. How do you choose a plumber?
At random in the local directory – certainly not.
Generally you repeat business if you are satisfied,
or you go by some friend's recommendation.

3. How do you choose a translator?
Exactly – like for all professions requiring extensive know-how,
through advertising, canvassing and trial and error,
but mostly through the grapevine

4. Translators are suppliers like any odd vendor, to be registered in your purchase data files after thorough testing. Translation should be included in your product from the design stage to the final customer, so it will amount to a mere fraction of the total product cost.

5. Should you rather choose a large business, a small translation office or a freelance translator?

Depending on your requirements:
Who WOULD you choose for your translations?
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