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How much does a translation cost ?
For the customer
For the translator
Up to 60% off income at least !!
Over 30 years' experience

A human translator can seriously process an average of 3000 words a day, which is 10-15 typed pages.
Translation also requires reading of technical literature, documentary search, terminological consistency, proof-reading and editing

….plus some time devoted to general business management.

Post-graduate studies, frequent stays abroad to keep up with an ever evolving language, a solid all-round knowledge and a wide experience are but some of the many requirements to guarantee know-how and expertise at a fair price.


* You will of course have realized that it is impossible to quote a standard rate per word
without having seen the document to be translated and without knowing who is to read it in the end.

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How expensive is a translation really?

How expensive is...

How expensive is a translation in relation to the product cost?

Translators mainly work free lance and operate a small business with the same type of social contributions, taxes and operational costs as a lawyer, a surgeon or a surveyor, namely any professional: up to 60% off income at least.